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Hi and welcome to Collier and Brock's official website, please be wary of 'copycat' websites.

This website has been custom designed to provide you with advice, introduce you to our staff, and keep you updated with events, promotions and news. A big thank you to Fetzed for designing and building the website as well as accommodating our many updates.

Our 'Advice' section contains information on a variety of subjects. A section has been created for forums where you can list lost and found pets, pets free to a good home, general chat and walking guides or just talk about your pet.

I have started blogs on dog walking, please feel free to either email your suggestions or add your suggestions to the blog. Camping and vacationing in Britain is on the increase and if you are anything like me your dogs go too. If you know of any great dog walking areas in Britain please send the details. Please include details of campsites or dog friendly accommodations you may have visited with your pet.

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